IT Infrastructure


IT Infrastructure

Your infrastructure project is in capable hands with supportIT; our technology consultants have over 20 years experience designing Cloud, On-Premise and Business Continuity solutions. Our implementation team will ensure that your project is managed to completion within strict project management guidelines and our support engineers will ensure continued support for the solution. Harness the power of technology and meet the needs of your business in terms of growth, cost savings and energy efficiency.

Servers, Storage & Virtualisation

Upgrading server and storage infrastructure is driven internally by growth and sustainability and externally by compliance and the need to have redundancy measures in place to protect your business. With emerging technology clients now have a number of options; they can choose to keep on-premise hardware but move some application infrastructure into Microsoft Azure or Office365.
Take advantage of Virtualization; using Hyper-V or Veeam Technology applications can be moved into a virtual environment on existing hardware. With these hybrid solutions you get the cost, green-energy and growth benefits of virtualization technology but you maintain some on-premise control.


Office365 is suite of cloud products that includes Hosted Email, SharePoint, Teams, Skype and Yammer, but also includes the full CRM and Dynamics suite. Migrating your environment to Office365 gives 99.9% uptime, anytime/anywhere access, security and more manageable infrastructure that is less costly to maintain. Because this is a relatively easy implementation, email migration is often the first step in an overall Cloud strategy that will involve moving some or all services to the Cloud. supportIT are Microsoft Solution Partners.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Data loss and disaster recovery have become a top priority for every business owner, irrespective of size. However, the key to understanding the best technology solutions to meet your requirements in this area lies in a return to operations targets and is linked with overall business continuity planning. Organizations with immediate return to operations targets for all services will require a full disaster solution that includes a dedicated site where all staff can locate to in the event of a disaster. Or a less expensive option is hosted disaster recovery, which give clients access via VPN to a site where a dedicated server is held. supportIT do a detailed risk assessment to understand return to operation targets and put fully managed solutions in place that ensure business continuity in this area. Powered by Ekco (formerly Datastring) Disaster Recovery as a Service, all data centres are in Data-Certified approved locations in US, UK & Ireland. Testing options are also available.


Suitable for businesses with large volumes of resources, SharePoint allows you to set up a centralized, password protected space for document sharing. By providing a secure place to store, organize, share and access information through the internet, it empowers individuals, teams and organisations to collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device. Our SharePoint services are consultancy-led and begin with an analysis of data and folder structure. The implementation phase then focuses on making sure the data is in the system in a logical and structured way for each user. Training is also provided.

Network & Communications

Network & communications are at the core of IT infrastructure and need to be internally and externally secure and robust in terms of performance. We work with clients to implement network infrastructure that addresses these requirements while maintaining a user-friendly system. supportIT engineers are Cisco & SonicWALL certified.

Hosted PBX/VOIP Solutions

Hosted in the Cloud and accessed through existing internet infrastructure, Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) gives users the availability to access their office phones via an application on their mobile phone. Through an easy to manage portal, diverts can be put in place and staff can answer the phone from any location as if they are in the workplace. supportIT work with VOIP Solution provider, IPTelecom, to provide VOIP solutions that give clients 99.9% uptime, value in terms of price and ongoing solution support.


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