IT Procurement


IT Procurement

IT Procurement is an integral part of IT strategy. A planned approach to purchasing hardware, software and systems ensures that your IT department is more inline with overall business goals and more efficient from a budgeting perspective.

Detailed requirements and approvals processes

We adopt a collaborative approach; working closely with clients matching hardware and software requirements with suitable options. For bigger infrastructure projects, a full requirements phase takes place prior to the quoting process; this ensures that our recommendations integrate with existing IT infrastructure and meet business requirements in terms of budgets and investment. Once approvals are received supportIT initiate our project management processes to ensure that project is delivered to our clients’ satisfaction.

Best-of-breed vendors, in Ireland and Worldwide

supportIT liaise with multiple technology vendors; many who are award winning, ISO approved and would be classed as best in their field. As part of our ISO processes we also review vendors on a regular basis to ensure value for money and quality standards.

Asset Tracking

All high-value hardware items are tagged and logged in our knowledge management system to aid tracking and product life-cycle planning. All software licenses are similarly logged with alerts setup for license renewal dates to ensure your product licenses do not expire.

Quick Turnaround

Next day delivery is available on most items so there is no need for you to keep in-house items in stock. Items can be delivered direct to site or held in our offices.