IT Security


IT Security

The evolving threat landscape and increased compliance regulations are putting organisations under pressure to address IT Security at every level. supportIT can provide organisations with a full suite of security tools and methodologies that will identify and prevent vulnerabilities without being too restrictive for the business.

Security Audit's

Using ISO27001 best practice and GDPR guidelines, supportIT can conduct a review of all internal policies, processes and infrastructure that relate to IT security. A full recommendations report is part of the service, which includes vulnerability testing.

Server, Firewall & Backup Monitoring

Our monitoring ensures that your systems are secure by sending alerts that are triggered by system checks. Alerts are directly linked to our call management system so issues are raised, logged and resolved often before our clients are even aware.

Endpoint Management for Desktops/Laptops, Server and Mobile Devices

Our endpoint management services allow for updates and patch management to ensure protection against security infiltrations.

On-Site/Off-Site Disaster Recovery Solutions

Local and Cloud replication means that in the event of a security breech your entire business infrastructure can be available in a matter of hours. supportIT recommend a number of award-winning disaster recovery products that ensure the best protection against ransomware and the quickest Return-To-Operations (RTO).

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

We use a suite of tools to identify and test network, systems and application vulnerability’s both internally and externally.

Multi-factor Authentication

supportIT recommends enabling Multi-factor authentication on all applications to increase the security beyond just a password. Users should be required to acknowledge a phone call, text message, or an app notification on their smartphone after correctly entering their password before they can successfully sign in.

Data Loss Protection (DLP)

supportIT recommend DLP tools as part of our suite of security products. These tools monitor and control data on the network and in the cloud, and provide reporting to meet auditing requirements.

Anti-Virus and Encryption Products

supportIT recommends the award-winning ESET Anti-Virus and Deslock encryption products for optimum anti-virus and data protection.

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