IT Security

Our IT security services begin with a detailed audit to get a full view of security infrastructure. We then use best-of-breed methodologies and tools to identify vulnerabilities and produce clear, specific recommendations on how to resolve those vulnerabilities. supportIT understands that organisations need to apply a framework that addresses all vulnerabilities and adheres to regulatory best practice, but is also user-friendly and not restrictive for the business.

Security Audit

supportIT’s audits can be tailored depending on your requirements. A full audit is outlined below but you can select to have just the elements that suit your business needs:

  • A review of internal policies and processes that relate to IT
  • Analysis of security Infrastructure to ensure adequate protection; including firewall and endpoint protection analysis.
  • A review of group policies and active directory permissions
  • Vulnerability testing; internal and external vulnerabilities
  • Network infrastructure and connectivity
  • A discussion with Users; how they interact with and use the system.
  • Data; how it is stored, shared, protected and remotely accessed.
  • Mobile Device usage and BYOD
  • Recommendations report and follow-up

Audit Support

We can support your organisation’s audit process, for ISO or regulatory reviews. We can attend management review meetings and produce gap analysis reports in line with audit requirements.