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Sept 2019

In 15 years since we started supporting clients, no two clients have had the same set of requirements. Businesses have individual needs in relation to the monitoring and management of their IT infrastructure. And users interact differently with IT depending on their own knowledge levels; some users are heavily reliant whereas others prefer to work through issues themselves. Industry constraints also play a key part, particularly in relation to regulatory compliance where extra security layers are a prerequisite. And finally; no two business grow at the same pace, how IT needs to serve the business now and into the future differs with each company. For this reason, supportIT has a selection of support options to suit individual needs:

Designed for businesses and organisations that require a fully managed service, Contract Support gives clients unlimited help-desk, escalation & onsite services, client administration, hardware and software support and third-party vendor management. Infrastructure is also fully monitored using Datto remote monitoring, patch management & updates. IT Roadmap & Consultancy also forms a key part of this offering with regular IT reviews included. Other add-ons include;

–          Choose Office365 licencing for better licence control
–          Choose managed security with Webroot anti-Virus and Deslock encryption
–          Choose vulnerability testing for added layers of Security
–          Choose Cloud backup as a service
–          Choose Disaster Recovery and Business continuity solutions to meet compliance regulations
–          Choose VoIP services

supportIT’s Outsourcing Services are aimed at businesses that need a qualified engineer onsite at short notice. Whether it is to fulfil a specific project requirements or fill resource gaps, we have accredited engineers at every level to meet IT resourcing needs.

Helpdesk Support is a contract designed for large businesses who wish to outsource part of their IT to allow in-house resources to focus on Infrastructure upgrades and projects. Also popular with businesses who have largely Cloud infrastructure in place, because all support can be done remotely and onsite is rarely required.

Popular with smaller business who have fewer requirements and international companies who need on the ground support but don’t want to be tied into a contract, Block Hours Contracts give the customer the option to purchase block hours to use at their discretion. Hours are sold in blocks of 5. With this option, clients only use what they need, as they need it. When time runs out top ups are applied. Any used hours can be carried over into the next year. Our call manager sends an unused hours report each month so clients can see how much time they have left.

To choose the best support options for your business we do a detailed requirements session with our business consultants to address technical and business specifications. Once agreed we revisit the requirements at least twice more during the on-boarding process to ensure all areas are met. All contracts have guaranteed response time and we conduct regular reviews to ensure the contract continues to meet the requirements of the organisation.
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