Business Continuity


Business Continuity

Business disruption can come in many forms; data corruption, power outages, human error, building damage, cyber-attacks or hardware failure. Regardless of how the disruption occurs, the results can be costly and potentially damaging to a business’ reputation. The key to providing clients with the best business continuity solutions is to firstly understand how the disruption could potentially affect all key areas of the business, then put technology in place that meets those return to operation goals. supportIT provide a suite of fully managed technology solutions and planning guidelines that addresses the data protection and business continuity needs of your business.

Cloud Backups

Offsite/Cloud backups are a critical part of our IT infrastructure recommendations for business continuity. This is largely due to the fact Cloud backups are secure, scalable, easy to implement and can be quickly restored. The supportIT Cloud backup solution also meets best practice regulations in terms of data protection because of the offsite nature of the data. Cloud backups can be applied across all endpoints and physical/virtual servers and are a fully managed solution. supportIT deliver fully managed Cloud backup solutions powered by Ec.ko’s Cloud Backups as a Service.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Priced on a per license, per month basis, Microsoft 365 Backup facilitates a backup of the Microsoft Exchange Online Mailboxes, Folders, Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks. And includes extended applications like SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive. Data can be retained in line with individual business requirements and fast restore allows those missing files to be restored instantly. Improved security, including Multi Factor Authentication, is included as well as specific reporting options. Installation is at console-level and usually takes 1-hour per site, there is no downtime or disruption to service during the installation.

On-Site/Off-Site Disaster Recovery Solutions

Built into the latest server technology and becoming more accessible in terms of price, local and Cloud replication means that in the event of a disaster your entire business infrastructure, including application and file data, can be available in a matter of hours. Powered by’s Disaster Recovery as a Service, supportIT’s disaster recovery solutions give our clients the quickest Return-To-Operations (RTO), competitive pricing and the best ongoing support and monitoring in this area.

Business Continuity Facility

Unique among IT service providers, supportIT has access to a dedicated disaster recovery site in Dublin 15 to ensure your staff can continue to work and your organisation can continue to operate in the event of a disaster.

This facility:

– Is secure to ISO27001 standards with CCTV, access control, Netwatch & onsite security
– Is fully equipped with communications infrastructure, utilities, phones and IT hardware, including remote/onsite IT support
– Is available within 4 hours notice and open 24/7
– Can be used in conjunction with our disaster recovery solution or your organisations’ own disaster recovery solution
– Has full canteen, meeting room and storage facilities on site
– Has free parking
– Is easy to access from the City Center

Hosted PBX/VOIP Solutions

Hosted in the Cloud and accessed through existing internet infrastructure, Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) gives users the availability to access their office phones via an application on their mobile phone. Through an easy to manage portal, diverts can be put in place and staff can answer the phone from any location as if they are in the workplace. supportIT work with VOIP Solution provider, IPTelecom, to provide VOIP solutions that give clients 99.9% uptime, value in terms of price and ongoing solution support.

Business Continuity Planning

We have found that many companies have a disaster recovery plan in place but in fact fail to link it to an overall business continuity plan. supportIT can assist with tying the technology processes with the overall requirements of the business to put a simple, executable plan in place that can be followed by every staff member in the event of a disaster.


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