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IT Security

The evolving threat landscape and increased compliance regulations are putting organisations under pressure to address IT Security at every level. Security Breaches, regardless of the severity, can be disruptive, costly and damaging to your business reputation. Using a suite of security products and proven methodologies, supportIT’s strategy in relation to security uses a ‘lock-down, control, and monitor’ approach to build-in redundancy and remove points of failure. Strengthen your infrastructure and prevent costly security breaches with supportIT’s Security Services and Solutions.

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IT Security Audit's

Security and compliance is a primary focus with all our clients and one of our key specialist areas. We carry out audits for existing clients and 3rd parties using the ISO27001 Framework and SANS best practice. As part of the audit, we review all internal policies, processes, and infrastructure related to IT security. We also interview key staff who interact with the IT infrastructure and do a high level or detailed audit of user hardware. A complete recommendations report is part of the service, which includes Qualys vulnerability testing.

End-Point Management powered by DATTO RMM Technology

The foundation of security is to lockdown, control and monitor. End-point Management powered by Datto RMM technology gives us full control to ensure all end-points are up-to-date, patched, fully protected, and monitored. A full audit trail also allows us to report on end-point status in real-time for compliance and inventory purposes. Advanced security features can also be enabled with DATTO RMM Ransomware Protection, which monitors for the existence of crypto-ransomware on devices using behavioural analysis and will stop the ransomware process. DATTO End-Point Management Services with Ransomware protection is included as part of our managed security offering.


As SonicWALL Silver Partners, supportIT can offer a range of high-performance firewall products to protect your business. In particular, the SonicWALL TZ series of firewalls are designed specifically for the needs of SMB’s, delivering enterprise-class security without enterprise-grade complexity. With Zero-Touch Deployment and simplified, centralised Management, installation and operation are easy. Detect sophisticated threats, including encrypted cyber attacks, with advanced networking and security features. SonicWALL also has Geo-Blocking capability which helps to protect your infrastructure against attacks from specific locations.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

SOC acts as a central command centre for your organisation’s IT infrastructure, including its networks, devices, appliances, and information stores. Driven by compliance regulations, SOC is becoming a requirement for organisations with particularly sensitive data, like Financial Institutions. Previously as an expensive solution, SOC services have reduced in price in recent years, making them more accessible to small to medium-sized financial organisations.

Webroot Anti-Virus and Security Awareness Training

Included as part of our managed security offering, Webroot uses threat intelligence to learn behavioural patterns and detect unauthorised actions. It’s a first-ever cloud-based device protector that can stop known and unknown threats in real-time, and it continuously analyses the behaviour of over 4 billion machines worldwide. In the unlikely event of threat infiltration, it has a rollback feature that makes it possible to roll back the system before the malware was activated. Security awareness training is also available as an add-on to your Webroot license. Once enabled, the module will educate staff and improve risky IT behaviours that can lead to security compromises.

Data Loss Protection (DLP)

Stricter GDPR guidelines and compliance around data protection pose a significant challenge and inhibit organisations from completely embracing cloud services. Controlling how data is used, stored, accessed and distributed is the only way to 100% guarantee compliance in this area, a near-impossible task for any organisation. In the last 24 months, however, advances in Data loss Prevention (DLP) tools now allow companies to protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands by monitoring occurrences that can lead to information leakages by using a defined set of rules and policies.


Laptops can easily get lost or stolen. This means that sensitive data could potentially fall into the wrong hands. Once enabled, encryption scrambles the computer’s hard drive contents, making the files unreadable by unauthorised users. An encryption key is required at each login to access and decrypt the files. Encryption has been named by GDPR Commission as an appropriate way to achieve data protection goals. supportIT recommends several different encryption solutions, depending on budget.

Multi-Factor Authentication

supportIT recommends Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) across the board for organisations using Microsoft 365 or any third-party application. MFA works by adding an extra layer of authentication to prevent against cyber attacks. Once the initial password is entered, users are required to complete a second authentication step by phone call, text message, or app notification to verify their identity. MFA is particularly useful if users access Microsoft 365 over several devices and strengthens security around BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policies.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) - Email Security

supportIT have added new Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solutions to their email security suite. A more strategic and dynamic approach, ATP solutions block attempts to attack your network through inbound/outbound email in real-time. Security policies can be defined at the individual and department levels to meet the specific needs of your business. Features also include checking the sender’s reputation against known malicious IP addresses, checking links contained in emails and detecting fake email algorithms to prevent spear phishing. Users can choose to release suspicious emails themselves once checked and verified. Prevent costly security breaches with Advanced Threat Protection.

Security Auditing & Compliance Tools

There are a number of tools available with Microsoft365 that enable auditing within your Microsoft environment. The Microsoft Compliance Manager section within the administration console, helps simplify the way you manage compliance. It calculates a risk-based score measuring your progress toward completing recommended actions that help reduce risks around data protection and regulatory standards. It also provides workflow capabilities and built-in control mapping to help you efficiently carry out improvement actions. We also recommend that clients purchase an Azure P2 License with their Microsoft 365 Implementation, this gives the ability to to analyse suspicious login behavior and attempts and identify gaps in your security policies.


A. Datto RMM Endpoint Monitoring and Management
B. InTune Endpoint Manager
C. Webroot Anti-Virus
D. Office365 Backup Solution
E. Deslock Encryption
F. Datto RMM Ransomware Protection


G. Network Data loss Prevention
H. SonicWall Firewall


I. Power Bi & Power Automate
J. Office365 Compliance Manager
K. Microsoft Defender for reporting
L. Conditional Access

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