Consultancy Services

Consultancy services are the cornerstone of all the services we provide to our clients. With new clients we focus on familiarisation through investigation, research and onsite-audits. This process ensures our recommendations meet the requirements of every aspect of the business going forward. Existing clients already have the benefits of our relationship-focused-ethos; an in-depth knowledge of your site and an understanding of your business informs all discussions about infrastructure projects and system upgrades.


supportIT’s audits can be tailored depending on your requirements. A full audit is outlined below but you can choose to have just the elements that suit your individual business needs:

  • A look at the viability all IT systems and systems integration
  • How business applications serve the business
  • Security audit; data storage & disaster recovery, end-point management, monitoring, encryption, vulnerability testing
  • A discussion with users; how they interact with the system
  • IT processes & policies
  • A review of all hardware, including asset tagging

IT Roadmap

We work with clients to ensure a strategic approach to IT is in place, both in the short-term and long-term. Regular IT roadmap consultancy sessions are built into every maintenance contract and our procurement services support yearly budgeting and planning processes that relate to IT projects.