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March 10th 2020 – Microsoft 365 is the most popular platform on the market today. Nearly 90% of supportIT clients are using Microsoft 365 because it is powerful, secure and has allowed them to take advantage of Cloud technology. However, it is important to be aware that Microsoft does not back up the data as part of their Microsoft 365 solution.

“Clients often think that because Microsoft 365 is cloud-based it automatically provides backup of the data as a part of the service. This is a misconception. Microsoft 365 offers geo-redundancy which protects the application’s up time but not the data itself. Accidental deletion, a 30-day retention policy and internal & external security threats can all cause significant and irreversible data loss on an Microsoft 365 platform. The Microsoft 365 Backup solution is a very accessible offering to prevent this.” Eric Reid, service delivery manager, supportIT.

Priced on a per license, per month basis, Microsoft 365 Backup facilitates a backup of the Microsoft Exchange Online Mailboxes, Folders, Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks. It includes extended applications like SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive. Data can be retained in line with individual business requirements and fast restore allows those missing files to be restored instantly. Improved security, including Multi Factor Authentication, is included, as well as specific reporting options. Installation is at console-level and usually takes 1 hour per site. There is no downtime or disruption to service during the installation. Billing is included as part of the standard monthly contract billing.

June Offer
Microsoft 365 Backup is usually priced at €2.50 per license, per month, Ex-Vat. However, for the month of May supportIT is offering clients the opportunity to have Microsoft 365 Backup for €2.00 per license (€1.85 Not for Profit) per month perceptually and are waiving the installation fee. To take advantage of this offer please email Ivana Vladar to book your installation –

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