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My mother used to say that to me quite a bit when I was a lazy teenager. But it is quite true in the case of the monitoring services that are included in supportIT’s contract support. When I talk to clients about this service they often don’t even realise the level of monitoring supportIT do as part of contract support, or how important it is to prevent against costly down-time. Monitoring ensures that your systems are available and performing at optimum levels by sending alerts that are triggered by system errors. Alerts are directly linked to our call management system so issues are raised, logged and resolved often before clients are even aware.

Monitoring & Management Services

supportIT have been monitoring our clients’ infrastructure in the background since we started this business in 2004. For many years we did preventative maintenance checklists for every contract client. That involved physically checking error logs and patch management tasks. Then in 2015 we successfully rolled out Autotask Endpoint Management(AEM) Software as well; an advanced remote monitoring tool that applies system-wide monitoring policies.

Since October 2017, supportIT are fully automated with AEM. Update tasks, as well as automated system alerts, are done by the AEM service and each contract client agrees their own maintenance schedule – another major milestone for supportIT and peace of mind for our clients.

So hopefully the next time anyone asks what supportIT does for you I hope that you mention monitoring services, because we can’t stress how important these are in the proactive management of your infrastructure.

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