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It is crucial that you are aware of three Microsoft milestones coming up in the next 17 months. Our role is to ensure you are aware of these changes, how they affect your business and any short/long term actions you need to take to ensure you can run your Microsoft applications effectively.

Microsoft Legacy Authentication – Microsoft is Retiring its legacy Basic Authentication

For many years, applications have used Basic authentication (also known as Legacy authentication) to connect to servers, services, and devices. Basic authentication means the application sends a username and password with every request, and those credentials are also often stored or saved on the device. Traditionally, Basic authentication is enabled by default on most servers or services and is simple to set up.

  • What is changing? Technology with only Basic Authentication will see the solution stop working with operating systems like 2013-2016 Office applications, or 3rd party email applications, and older devices (like printers and scanners) that do not support modern authentication. This tends to affect software that has been in place for several years.
  • When is this happening – October 2022- but we see this happening to some clients already.
  • What are the implications for my business? Users will see the issue as a connection issue, e.g. Outlook will not be able to connect to the mail server, and they will get the username and password prompt on a loop. When this happens, the device will need to be updated and/or the operating system will need to be upgraded on the device.
  • Are there any further actions at present?
    • Because this issue can affect various IT infrastructures within the business, it is challenging to create a definitive list of potential fail areas. However, we are currently running inventory software as a discovery task for clients, which should help identify most of the problematic technology, and we can create an upgrade plan based on that information.
    • When users see the issue, they should log it immediately with the desk
    • Note that there will be a cost for this work because it is an upgrade task. Clients will receive a quote before works proceed.

Windows Server 2012/Windows Server 2012 r2 coming end of life

We have identified several clients that have the Windows Server 2012/Windows Server 2012 R2 Operating System in place on their servers.

  • What is changing? When an operating system comes end of life, security patches are no longer available, which make it vulnerable
  • When is it changing? 10th October 2023
  • What are the implications for my business? You will need to think about a server upgrade, while October 2023 does seem far away, it will come around quickly. Those with multiple 3rd party applications in the mix should get the ball rolling sooner rather than later.
  • Are there any further actions at present? We have a list of clients with Windows Server 2012 technology and will send a further email in the coming weeks to prompt discussions.

Office Perpetual licences are no longer available

Perpetual Licenses are those installed on desktops only as a once-off.

  • What is changing? In recent years Microsoft moved from perpetual licenses to monthly subscription-based licenses, the once-off perpetual licenses for Microsoft Office will no longer be available.
  • When is it Changing? Since Jan 2022
  • What are the implications for my business? You will no longer be quoted perpetual licenses, only subscription-based for all products/sectors.
  • Are there any further actions at present? No

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