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We attended an IMI event recently which had a session entitled ‘10 things you should look for from your IT Service Provider’. It is fair to say that the supportIT team left the event feeling quite smug with ourselves because our managed services ticked every one of the areas mentioned; it really validated the level of responsiveness our clients get at every level and our customer service standards. Don’t accept anything less than outstanding from your provider. If each of these 10 criteria below is not being met then it’s time to evaluate – Give supportIT the opportunity to show you service at its best.

1) Do you feel the Love – Is your IT Service Provider a true partner who understands your overall business goals and is a trusted part of your team?

2) Fast Service and Response Times – Does your provider meet guaranteed response times and respond quickly to your needs? The industry-standard is 8-hours for single-user issues and 2-hours for communications and infrastructure issues – any longer than this is unacceptable.

3) Availability – Are your IT Providers’ business hours aligned with your business hours and do they provide an out-of-hours service if required?

4) Disaster Recovery Planning – Does your IT Service Provider help you plan for the future, protect your data, and make sure your business can recover from a disruptive event?

5) Daily Backups and Cloud Services – Does your provider monitor and manage your local backups as part of the contract, plus Cloud backups if they are in place?

6) Proactive Monitoring & Management – Does your IT Service Provider help protect your network and prevent downtime using monitoring and update management tools.

7) Third-party Vendor Partnerships – Does your IT Service Provider handle technology vendors for you?

8) Reviews – Does your provider have regular reviews with you to do license housekeeping and make sure they are meeting their obligations?

9) Annual IT Budget Planning – Does your IT Service Provider sit down with you and assist in your technology planning for the future?

10) Employee Support – Does your provider engage with employees using remote access to resolve issues quickly?

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