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Set-up in 2004, supportIT provide fully managed support and consultancy services to over 180 organisations and 3000 users nationwide.

Dedication, knowledge and trust are the main reasons why businesses choose supportIT as their IT solutions and support partner. We are a relationship-driven organisation and work closely with every one of our clients to support and protect their infrastructure while providing solutions that are aligned with business and IT requirements.

We Provide Dedicated IT Support Services

A consistently high customer satisfaction rating and almost 100% customer retention rate highlights supportIT’s excellent support service and dedication at every level; from account management and procurement services to help desk and project delivery services. Recent ISO9001:2015 accreditation further validates supportIT’s commitment to quality and standards in every area of the business.

IT Industry Experts and Product Knowledge

The world of technology is now filled with a proliferation of products and services. It is our job to recommend the best of breed options in every one of our solution areas. Our engineers are a team of certified professionals with over 20 years’ experience delivering projects across every platform and technology.

Need dependable and detailed IT support?

As an organisation that values relationships, communication and customer service, supportIT very quickly earn the trust of every client we work with. This hands-on, customer-focused approach means that over time our clients come to see us as an extension of their staff and an integral part of their business.

The supportIT approach

Security & Network Management to suit your business

Security is a primary focus with all our clients and one of our key specialist areas; we provide consultancy to our existing contract clients and 3rd parties. Our approach to is apply the ISO 27001 Framework and SANS best practice. We work closely with organisations to design specific solutions that meet compliance, regulation, and certification requirements. The foundation is to lock down, control, monitor and provide full audit trails. With use DATTO RMM end-point management services and review continually to ensure that the solution continues to meet the security needs of the business. We can provide standard network management up to SOC.

  • Security Best Practices (ISO 27001, SANS)
  • Audit trail
  • Threat Protection Solutions
  • Datto End-Point Monitoring RMM
  • Vulnerability and Patch Management
  • Change Control

Managed IT Support Service when you need it most

Our managed IT support services are based around the ITIL framework. We use Autotask PSA /Datto RMM combined with a defined set of processes and methodologies to provide a high level of service. Our service-desk methodologies focus on user satisfaction, SLA’s, escalation processes and closed ticket performance. We get to know our clients and account management is about making sure we meet the individual operational requirements of each one, not just when we take-over the site but each year as clients grow and adapt.

  • ITIL Service Desk Practices
  • Autotask PSA Management
  • Datto End-Point Monitoring RMM
  • Operational and Technical Reviews
  • License and Warranties Management
  • Roadmap and consultancy Services
  • 3rd Party Application Management

We are Certified and Experienced Cloud Partners

A Microsoft high potential Cloud Partner, supportIT have been recommending Cloud solutions for several years. Cloud strategy informs every client review meeting with an ever-increasing number of clients implementing Microsoft Modern Workplace & Azure Technologies. Windows Virtual Desktop services have given us the opportunity to provide an even more tailored solution than before because of its affordability and simplified deployment.

  • Cloud Strategy Planning
  • Network Design with Azure & Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Certified Engineers
  • Project Management Services
  • Resource Planning
  • Application Management

Our Helpdesk Services follow best Practice Call Logging Procedures

supportIT provide outsourced help desk services between the hours of 08:30 and 18:00, Monday to Friday. Issues can be logged directly through the user machine using the DATTO Portal, by email through our closed loop system or by phone. A unique ticket number is created once an issue is logged and the user is notified by email about the progress of their issue. Once issues are closed, a further notification is sent with a link to a customer satisfaction survey. The desk is manned by a team of certified engineers who respond to issues within guaranteed response times. Escalation processes are in place for more complex issues and there is a notification process for issues that affect many users and recurring issues that require root cause analysis. The help desk is controlled by the Service Delivery Manager who manages performance on a daily basis to ensure we maintain our 98% customer satisfaction rate.

We provide comprehensive IT Escalation and Resolution procedures

If issues cannot be resolved remotely by our help desk team, they are escalated to our field engineers. The help desk team must escalate calls that have not been resolved after one hour for consideration by the service delivery manager. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely a field engineer is sent onsite. For some is- sues that relate to communications equipment/infrastructure, an engineer goes directly onsite. We provide guaranteed response times:

High Priority – If the issue affects more than one user (server, network, routers), it is classified as a Critical Priority call and is passed immediately to an available engineer. The engineer responds to the call remotely or onsite, depending on the nature of the call, within 2 hours of the call being logged.
Medium Priority – If the issue affects one user but the user has no work-around (i.e they cannot work from any device) this is clarified a medium priority issue. The engineer responds to the call remotely within 6 hours of the call being logged.
Low Priority – If the issue affects only one user (PC, Email, Printers) it is classified as Non-Critical and is responded to remotely within 8 hours from logging the call.
Change Management – Change Management tasks, for example new users set-ups, movers and permissions issues are assigned a two business day response time.

The importance of End-Point Management, Monitoring and IT Security Services

DATTO RMM permission-based Endpoint management enables us to centrally discover, provision, deploy, update, and troubleshoot endpoint devices within an organisation for optimum security – in both the physical and virtual environments. DATTO RMM updates and patches are pushed out on a scheduled basis agreed by the client. DATTO RMM is also set up to identify issues that could potentially cause down-time on file-share/server/application infrastructure. Monitoring Issues are logged directly into the call management system as high priority and are often resolved before they become noticeable or damaging to the organisation.

Does supportIT Liaise Third Party Vendors?

We will liaise with your third-party vendors as part of our contract services, for example Finance Packages, Print Service Vendors, CRM packages & Design Packages. Ours services in this area cover facilitating access for important updates, third-party license management, also liaising on issues where the infrastructure needs to be considered.

Does your Business Require Procurement & License Services?

supportIT provide a procurement service to meet all our clients’ hardware, software and system needs. The service is based on the specific requirements of the business in terms of budgets, system integration and scalability, and gives our clients access to a wide portfolio of products. As part of our ISO9001:2015 processes, we also review our technology vendors on a regular basis to ensure value for money and quality standards. Installations follow a defined process and Hardware procured can be scheduled for install by our service delivery team.

IT Road-map & Consultancy Services tailored for your Business

Consultancy services are the cornerstone of all the services we provide to our clients and clients can avail of or our consultancy services to discuss future IT needs or changes to the business that may affect their IT environment, for example new business applications or expansion requirements.

Our On-boarding Process & Account Management

supportIT have a clearly defined on-boarding process to ensure the handover goes smoothly from one provider to the next. Infrastructure information is gathered and stored in our GDPR-compliant knowledge base, machines are tagged and audited, third-party services are informed and licenses and warranties are recorded. Remote login and monitoring software is activated where applicable and updates/patch management are scheduled. Finally, group policy is reviewed for security processes and a recommendations report is completed for approval. Reviews are carried out initially at three months then at the end of the first year to ensure that the service meets the client’s requirements. The client also receives monthly call log reports and, where applicable, monitoring reports to show the health of their infrastructure. Further Dashboard reports can be scheduled on a monthly basis which show specific usage data by day, user and call type trends.

We Conduct a Full Security Review and Data Policy Audit

Using ISO27001:9015 best practice and GDPR guidelines, supportIT can conduct a review of all internal policies, processes and infrastructure that relate to IT security. A full recommendations report is part of the service:

  • Server patching schedules & monitoring setting are reviewed
  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam products are reviewed to ensure they are adequate and up to date
  • Local and Off-site Backups are viewed
  • Information Risk Assessment – Where is data stored, how do users interact with the data, how is it protected
  • Bring your own Device (BYOD) Policies
  • Hardware Inventory and audit is completed using DATTO RMM, maintenance schedules are reviewed
  • Ensure Encryption is in place with Laptops
  • Vulnerability Testing – Internal/External IP Testing, with report
  • Communications Hardware is accessed to ensure it is adequate and best practice security policies are applied
  • Group Policy Review – Access Rights, best practice password standards, Screen Lock Policies

Our Comprehensive Network Management Strategy

supportIT’s strategy in relation to network management uses a lock down, control, and monitor approach to build in redundancy and remove points of failure. This ensures that your network is secure and prevents costly downtime as a result of security breaches and performance issues.

Network upgrades and enhancements are discussed at each review meeting and, once quotes are approved, are managed as part of our scheduled works process; a scope is agreed and signed off, a ticket is created and a project is created in our project management tool, Trello, to keep all stakeholders up to date, documentation is updated once projects are completed.

Selecting the Threat Protection Solutions your Business Requires

Webroot Anti-Virus

The next generation of malware defenders, Webroot uses threat intelligence to learn behavioural patterns and detect unauthorised actions. It’s a first ever cloud-based device protector that can stop known and unknown threats in real time and it continuously analyses the behaviour of over 4 billion machines world-wide. In the unlikely event of threat infiltration, it has a rollback feature which makes it possible to roll back the system to the time before the malware was activated. ‘Webroot’ is very light on your system, doesn’t slow down other processes and can run alongside other anti-virus products if required.

We will tackle all End-Point Management Issues

Powered by Datto technology, our endpoint management services allow for updates and patch management to ensure maximum protection against security infiltration.

What’s so important about Encryption?

Laptops can easily get lost or stolen. This means that sensitive customer data could potentially fall into the wrong hands. Encryption is a tool that once enabled on laptops scrambles the contents of a computer’s hard drive, making the files unreadable by unauthorised users. A key is then used during the encryption process, and the correct key is required to decrypt the contents again and make it readable. Encryption has been named by GDPR as an appropriate way to achieve data protection goals. supportIT recommends ESET Deslock, a fully managed encryption solution.

Why you Should Always Use Two-Factor Authentication

supportIT recommends Microsoft Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) across the board for our clients using Office365. 2FA works by adding an extra layer of security on top of the password, so users have two steps to complete before they can log in on a new device a they enter their password in first, they are then required to acknowledge a phone call, text message, or an app notification on their smartphone before they can successfully sign in. It is particularly useful if users are accessing Office365 over a number of devices and strengthens your security around BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policies.

Every Business Needs a Data Loss Protection (DLP) Protocol

Stricter GDPR guidelines and compliance around data protection pose a significant challenge and inhibit organisations from completely embracing cloud services. Controlling how data is used, stored, accessed and distributed is the only way to 100% guarantee compliance in this area, a near impossible task for any organisation. In the last 24 months however, advances in Data loss Prevention (DLP) tools now allow companies to protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands, by monitoring occurrences that can lead to information leakages by using a defined set of rules and policies.

Cyber Attacks are Constantly Evolving and need Advanced Threat Protection

To respond to the ever-evolving threat landscape, supportIT have added new Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solutions to their security suite. A more strategic and dynamic approach, ATP solutions block attempts to attack your network through inbound/outbound email in real-time. Security policies can be defined at individual and department level to meet the specific needs of your business. Features also include, checking the reputation of the sender against known malicious IP addresses, checking links contained in emails and detecting fake email algorithms to prevent spear phishing. Users can choose to release suspicious emails themselves from quarantine once checked and verified. Add an extra layer of security to your organisation and prevent costly downtime with Advanced Threat Protection.

How Tailored Cloud Solutions could Improve your Business

Microsoft Azure

Upgrading server and storage infrastructure is driven internally by growth and sustainability and externally by compliance and the need to have redundancy measures in place to protect your business. Moving some or all of your services to the Azure Platform will give you the ability to grow your business quickly and cost effectively, maintain agility in responding to compliance regulations & ensure the security of your data and applications.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and application virtualisation service running in the cloud. It’s the only virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that delivers simplified management, multi-session Windows 10, optimisations for Office 365, and support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments. Deploy and scale your Windows desktops and applications on Azure in minutes, and get built-in security and compliance features.

Modern Workplace Technology

Employees expect to work securely from anywhere, on any device. When their productivity tools enhance the quality and effectiveness of their work experience, they’re happier, more valuable, and more likely to stay. Companies need to provide that environment, but they also need to protect sensitive IT data. With Microsoft Modern Workplace Technology; Microsoft 365 and Teams, you can improve employee productivity and satisfaction, and create more seamless communication and collaboration across locations. and platforms while maintaining the security and integrity of systems and data – a truly modern work- place.

Microsoft SharePoint

Implemented in conjunction with Microsoft 365, SharePoint drives organisational efficiency by sharing common documents, presentations, videos and images in a single, easy-to-search portal. With built-in Microsoft security, teams can connect and collaborate securely on resources from any location. Improve productivity and streamline operational processes with this cost-effective solution.

Dynamics 365

Business have more rewarding relationships when they improve customer communications. Dynamics 365 brings business information together to facilitate a more nurturing and data-driven communications process, which ultimately drives more sales leads. Connect your entire business with Dynamics 365.

Hosted PBX/VOIP Solutions

Hosted in the Cloud and accessed through existing Internet infrastructure, Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) gives users the availability to access their office phones via an application on their mobile phone. Through an easy to manage portal, diverts can be put in place and staff can answer the phone from any location as if they are in the workplace. supportIT provide VOIP solutions that give clients 99.9% uptime, value in terms of price and ongoing solution support

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