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Due to today’s reliance on technology, all companies and institutions have become more vulnerable to various kinds of cybercrime. The risk of system breaches has become a concern for all of us when all the information is stored externally. In light of recent cyberattacks, supportIT has compiled some material to assist businesses in implementing security policies and tools. Office 365 is the leading holistic security approach for businesses that wish to combine powerful operation tools with threat protection.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft 365 Security?

  • Safeguard your business against external threats and leaks
  • Easily manage devices
  • Protect against cyber threats
  • Protect business data against leaks
  • Secure devices and control access

Defend your organisation against Cyberthreats

  • Protect against phishing, ransomware, malware, and other advanced threats
  • Check links at time of click to combat advanced phishing
  • Detect malware with sandbox analysis of email attachments
  • Enable anti-phishing policies that use machine learning
  • Enable advanced multi-factor authentication and Conditional Access
  • Enforce features that help protect Windows 10 devices

Protect your sensitive business data

  • Control who has access to sensitive information
  • Encrypt sensitive emails
  • Block sharing of sensitive information like credit card numbers
  • Restrict copying and saving of confidential business information
  • Enable unlimited cloud archiving

What is Azure Information Protection (AIP)?

  • Azure Information Protection helps an organisation to classify protect its documents and emails, either by restricting the ability to forward and print, or by applying labels.
  • The restrictions and protections stay with the files and emails regardless of the location. Even if the file is emailed outside the company, or saved to an employee’s personal computer, you remain in control of your data.

Easily secure and manage devices that access your business information

  • Control which devices and users can access business information
  • Apply security policies to protect data on iOS and Android devices
  • Keep company data within approved apps on mobile devices
  • Remove business data from lost or stolen devices with selective wipe
  • Support for Windows Virtual Desktop

What’s new and amazing about Microsoft 365

  • Conditional Access – Access controls to when, who, where accesses Office apps
  • Multi Factor Authentication – Protects against unauthorised access
  • Self-service password writeback – Simplifies password administration
  • Shared computer Activation – Support for multi-user/first-line scenarios
  • Full Azure Active Directory P1 – Help enable secure remote access to work apps
  • Windows Virtual Desktop – Easy to manage virtualisation that saves licensing costs

Why choose this solution for your business?

  • Integrated with Office, Teams and Windows, so no need to deploy additional products
  • Streamlined products protect apps without hogging resources or requiring clunky add-ons
  • Deep in the operating system; Resistant to tampering by malware and hackers
  • Global scale threat intelligence with the world’s largest set of threat-related optics
  • AI-power and advanced data science turns signals into actionable intelligence with the Security Graph
  • Team of experts provide a Global cybersecurity force working to combats attacks
  • Enterprise-grade products powered by the same technology built for the world’s largest businesses

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