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10th March 2020 – In the event of a situation where all members of the public are told to stay at home because of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), supportIT promises business as usual for all our clients:

• All supportIT engineers are set up to work remotely
• All of our support and business applications are Cloud-based
• Departments can collaborate through Microsoft Teams for messaging and video-conferencing
• The supportIT Sligo Hub is also available as a base if required.

This is a tried, tested and secure Business Continuity Plan, which can be invoked immediately if required. For our clients, this means that we can continue to support your users and infrastructure as normal if this situation escalates.

We would recommend that every organisation consider their own business continuity plans as well; Where will key staff work from? What devices will they use? How will they access their business files and applications? How will they communicate and collaborate? It is also important to test the business continuity plan to ensure it is effective.

Feel free to Contact Us if you require advice on any of these areas.


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