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Content from this blog was originally published by Microsoft and shared in conjunction with our partners at ActionPoint Technology Group. 


The Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts. Connect them together—and to Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps—and build end-to-end business solutions.

MS Power Platform

Power Apps allows anyone to build professional-grade apps in a short amount of time. These apps modernise and digitise complex business line processes, with prebuilt templates and rapid deployments. It also reduces the cost of building an app by 70%. The low code or no code ‘revolution’ is the rise of drag and drop, simple user interfaces, that allow non-developers to easily build digital solutions, applications, dashboards, and automated workflows.

In most cases Low Code = Rapid Development which in turn = High Productivity. This reduces the need for an organisation to substantially invest in in-house software or a room full of developers being trained up to create a solution. It’s not a completely self-sufficient solution and will need ongoing security and governance and this is where a consultative partner can really excel. The average cost to develop an app is 70% less with Power Platform than with traditional coding methods.

Modern Work & Security

Modern Work & Security

Customise and automate Office 365, SharePoint and Teams experiences.
Build apps and automate processes that extend Office 365 and Teams common productivity scenarios such as SharePoint lists and InfoPath forms. Integrate and share apps and workflows within Microsoft Teams. Unify your customers data and reduce time to impact.


Combine low-code efficiency with Azure extensibility. Accelerate front end and business process development using low code. Integrate with rich services like Bot Framework and Azure Logic Apps to deliver advanced functionality and create custom connectors to ERP systems and other data sources.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

Enable customers to do more with Dynamics 365 data. Easily develop custom line of business applications with seamless integration to Dynamics 365 data. Build once and deploy apps in one click across iOS, Android, Windows, and Web.

Discover Microsoft Power Platform

 MS Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a key part of the Microsoft Business Applications range and can help to create many solutions for your organisation. Having an extensive combined knowledge of Power Platform alongside the team at ActionPoint, we are proud to support businesses like yours on their technology journey.

To learn more or speak with our team about Microsoft Power Platform for your business, get in touch here.

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