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July 2018 – supportIT have announced the successful rollout of closed loop email for all helpdesk issues and service requests.

Closed loop works by automating the email call logging process; a ticket with a unique number is automatically generated for every email request and then all subsequent communications that relate to that request are linked back to the ticket i.e. Closed Loop.  The process streamlines communications because all notes, time entries and updates are linked back to the correct ticket. And, more importantly for clients, overall response times are improved because once tickets are logged notifications are sent immediately.

Clients do not need to do anything differently. Just as before, users need to make sure they include their correct contact information in the email and make sure they give as much information about the issue as possible to ensure it is given the correct attention in terms of level and priority. We will be monitoring the process very closely in the first few weeks to ensure that it runs smoothly.

‘This is a truly integrated communications system and significantly enhances our support services. Clients will immediately see improved response times when calls are logged by email and both clients and engineers alike will benefit from the fact each communication is linked to the correct ticket. ’ Joe McGivern, CEO, supportIT

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