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August 2009 – A product of EurotaxGlass’s in the UK, Glassmatix software provides repair estimation data to the automotive community. Vehicle accident repair businesses upload vehicle damage information into the Glassmatix system to enable them accurately price repair jobs, assessors and insurance companies then access the estimate to assess whether the claims are compliant.

Experience Counts

EurotaxGlass’s needed a supplier in Ireland to upgrade 200 Irish customers from Glassmatix 3 to Glassmatix 4. Based on a recommendation from the industry, EurotaxGlass’s chose supportIT for the contract because of their technical experience but also their ability to provide ongoing training and support to users.

‘Our engineers had some experience installing the Glassmatix software already’, says Joe McGivern, managing director of supportIT. ‘Obviously this project was on a much larger scale, but we were delighted to get the opportunity.’

Ahead of Schedule

Running from September 2008 to September 2009, the project had a 12 month deadline. EurotaxGlass’s were keen to get all their customers upgraded to Glassmatix 4 so they could benefit from the advantages of the new version but also to avoid having to support older versions of the product into the future. Each upgrade involved contacting the individual garages and assessors to ensure their computer hardware was compatible with the new software, called a ‘techcheck’. The supportIT engineers then migrated the existing database into the new format and installed the application. Once installed, supportIT did a handover and provided users with training on all the new features.

‘We quickly realised that the upgrades could be done remotely over the phone,’says Joe.‘We are well used to giving our customers remote support; we just take over their computer over the web. With the Glassmatix project it meant that we could upgrade clients without having to travel to the site. It saved a lot of time and we could have a number of upgrades on the go at the same time.’

All 200 customers were upgraded to Glassmatix 4 three months before the September 2009 deadline.

A Successful Partnership

As a result of the upgrade project, supportIT engineers have built up a considerable knowledge base and continue to provide a helpdesk support to Irish EurotaxGlass’ customers.

Talking about the success of the project John Jeffery, customer care manager at EurotaxGlass’s was full of praise for supportIT: ‘The most important thing for us was that supportIT roll-out the upgrade in a timely and consistent manner. They managed to do this and save us money with the remote upgrades. We are really delighted with the success of the project and with supportIT, they bent over backwards to support us and our clients’.

He concluded by saying,‘We now have a brand new product offering, which will offer huge benefits to our customer base.’

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