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March 2010 – The Lord Mayor of Dublin visited Our Lady of Wayside School today to honour them for raising the academic standards of young learners in the school by embracing technology.

The challenges facing the school have, in the past, reflected those of the wider community with poor educational outcomes associated with unemployment, anti-social behaviour and a feeling of ‘disadvantage’. In 2008, in an effort to develop the school and improve enrolment numbers, the school successfully sought a dormant accounts grant to furnish every classroom with interactive whiteboards, teaching computers and educational software.

Following a recommendation from another client, the school engaged with supportIT as their technology and support providers. Over the course of 2008/2009, supportIT installed all the computers in the computer room, setup a Google application to allow teachers get their email and setup a wireless network to give internet access to the stage and assembly hall. supportIT have also been involved in their website project, which will eventually give each student access to homework and study materials through the school website. supportIT continue to provide on-going support and maintenance to the school.

Speaking on the day Anne McCluskey, School Principal, expressed delight with the improvements the school has made: “The technology has been central to improving teaching and learning possibilities in our school; the children are developing independent learning and they are keeping records of their work through portfolios. Children with special educational needs have benefited the most from this technology.”

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