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Microsoft is changing the way we purchase and manage customer Licensing – It is called the New Commerce Experience (NCE). On January 10th 2022, Microsoft launched the New Commerce Experience (NCE). This change will impact the way our clients purchase Microsoft 365 licenses. Clients will have the option to commit to a monthly or 12-month subscription when they purchase the license and can opt to be on a monthly billing cycle or pay for the full year in advance. Microsoft has launched the NCE intending to provide cost savings for long term commitments and to offer customers greater choice and flexibility in how they buy. supportIT are aiming to implement the changes for all clients by the 28th of February and will apply a monthly billing cycle by default to all contract clients and a pay-in-advance billing cycle to all block clients.

For more information, read our detailed explanation on what the main changes will be and how that will affect your agreement with supportIT.

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