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March 2018 – Depending on your business and location, the risk attached to a storm can vary; there can be direct damage to your building, or power outages and road closures could render your premises un-usable for a number days. As with the recent storms, it may be simply un-safe for staff to travel to work. These can all have a devastating impact on business but there are a number of ways that an organisation can prepare for these situations:

Install a Remote Desktop Server: The remote desktop server is an always-on server that can be used to access the network remotely. If configured for Disaster Recovery (DR) Replication, in the event of a disaster the remote desktop server replicates into the Cloud to give your organisation the ability to restore all data, applications and server images. Users can then access from anywhere they have a broadband connection.

Hosted PBX Phones: A Cloud-based phone system; hosted PBX gives organisations full resilience as users can access office phones via their mobile phone or hosted PBX Application. Diverts can be put in place and staff can answer the phones as if they are in the work-place.

Secure a Business Continuity Facility: In a situation where only your building is compromised, a business continuity facility will give users a secondary location to work from that is fully equipped with communications infrastructure, utilities and IT hardware. Used in conjunction with a Remote Desktop Server solution, this solution will ensure business as usual for your organisation. supportIT, in conjunction with Glenbeigh Records Management, have created a hot site for this purpose.

Processes: Remote working and business continuity policies should be included in company manuals and clearly communicated to staff in the event of a disaster. Included should be; clear guidelines on how staff can access the network, exact details of secondary locations, expected return to service times and also key personnel that can be contacted. supportIT can assist with policies and procedures in this area, including guidelines in relation to GDPR.

supportIT can work with your organisation to ensure ‘Business as Usual’ in the event of a disaster. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.


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